Urban Forestry at 'Fruittuin van West' in Amsterdam

Wow, what a dynamic and lively  farm! A café, a shop, a CSA vegetable garden, an earth house, ponds, people who spent their free time loitering between the fruit trees. But the basic elements are a fruit orchard and chickens. An urban forestry farm: trees and chickens. Wil Sturkenboom, the owner, states: ‘If you manage it well the trees and chicken support each other tremendously’. Chickens catch damaging insects, trample the fallen leaves and by doing so reduce the risk of scab, manure the trees, scratch on the soil and keep the soil airy and open. They act like a twin! And customers come and pluck the apples and the berries and collect the eggs from the henhouses which are scattered over the orchard. They stroll happy to the cashier where they just tell how many fruits they swallowed already before that point and they pay for it!

Watch this video, it explains everything.

If this tastes to more: join the EURAF congress. On the second day of the congress we will visit this agroforestry farm; an eye opening urban social forest farm.

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