Completion Food Forest Nijmegen

In Neerbosch, a neighbourhood of the city of Nijmegen, the planting of a 1.7 ha food forest will be completed next week. Early this year still monotonous grassland, now a young food forest containing 2,500 trees and shrubs. In the future it will yield nuts, fruits and berries. This ‘new forest’ is located next to a 0.7 ha CSA pick-your-own garden. This garden has recently been enriched with 40 walnut trees, distributed over three rows. Walnut trees will also be planted in a nearby 40 year old, 0.3 ha bush, where shiitake and oyster mushrooms will be grown as well. In this small bush soon 25 hens will be wandering around. A few pigs will furthermore will be free ranging in another nearby terrain. All together a diversity of initiatives of nature inclusive forms of food production. The area is quite close to the city centre and easily accessible by a bike lane. Residents of the city, young and old, as well as customers of the CSA garden assisted in planting the new forest garden. The city of Nijmegen, European Green Capital 2018, harbours many more comparable initiatives and may rightly be considered an example for the region.

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