Below we will inform you on the headlines of our programme. For a complete programme and for information on our call for abstracts, fees etc., go to EURAF 2018 Conference.
Abstracts must be submitted ultimately by the end of March 2018.

For contact information and adresses, see page 'Contact'.

The conference will be held in De Lindenberg, in Nijmegen City Center. You can reach De Lindenberg by foot (15 minutes walk from Nijmegen Central Station), or by bus. Information on how to reach De Lindenberg by car or public transport is to be found here.

Here you can find travel information.

The 'Lindenberg conference hall' in the conference venue De Lindenberg. 

The 'Valkhof conference room' with view at the Waal river. 

May 28 and 30:
Key note speakers, workshops and poster sessions 

We want to offer you every possibility to exchanges experiences and ideas. There will be plenty of room for questions and discussions. Our key note speakers, who are planned for May 28, will create a sense of urgency, but also and above all connection and inspiration:

  • Professor Maria Rosa Mosquera-Losada, president of the organizing Committee and professor Jan Willem Erisman, Earth and Climate, VU Amsterdam: Reflections on achievements and dreams about tomorrow;
  • Professor Pablo Tittonell, National coordinator of the Natural Resources and Environment Program of INTA, Argentina’s agricultural research organization: Only ecological intensification can feed the world;
  • Distinguished Professor P.K. Ramachandran Nair, University of Florida, USA; a founding member and former senior staff of ICRAF, the World Agroforestry Centre: Recent Advances in Agroforestry: In Support of Transition from Conventional to Climate-Resilient Farming;
  • Robert Hódosi, European Commission: Current and future Common Agricultural Policy;
  • Bea Schouten, Vice Governor of the Province of Gelderland and Anne-Marie Spierings, Vice Governerof the Province of North Brabant: Dutch ambitions on Agroforestry.

Throughout the conference you will be challenged to deliver input for an unforgettable statement about the future of Agroforestry at the end of the conference.


May 29:
Field tours to visit pioneering farmers

On the second day of the conference six field trips will be organised. All the field trips start and end at De Lindenberg.

  1. Agroforestry and food forest in Belgium.
    More info here (PDF):

  2. Agroforestry in and around Amsterdam.
    More info here (PDF):

  3. Food forests in the urban environment of Nijmegen.
    More info here (PDF):

  4. Sustainable land use and social functions.
    More info here (PDF):

  5. Successfully Innovating food production while coping with bureaucracy.
    More info here (PDF):

  6. Transforming conventional dairy farms into agroforestry farms.
    More info here (PDF):

After the tours participants are invited to a barbecue party at De Lindenberg.


May 30:
Workshops and a powerful statement at the  end of the conference

The two chairs of the congress will lead the participants to a broadly supported though strong statement, which will provide the necessary energy for an accelerated and effective transition process throughout Europe. We hope and expect that the next EURAF conference, in 2020, will be able to report on impressive results and developments

With a joint formulation and adoption of the final declaration and an award ceremony, the congress will be finished. This will start with 'statements', in which an impression of the congress is given or a view of the desired transition is pronounced. To speak:

  • Claude Fromageot, Director Yves Rocher Foundation. The foundation supports worldwide the  plantation of 100 million trees to enhance biodiversity;
  • Roel Feringa, Director of Nature and Biodiversity, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality;
  • Hans Huijbers, chairman of ZLTO, the Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization (ZLTO), representing the interests of entrepreneurs working in green areas;
  • Eurídice Leyequién, Professor Management of Forested Landscapes, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences.

May 28, 29 & 30 - special opportunity for farmers and agriculture related entrepreneurs or institutions to participate for 1 day

In order to speed up the transition, we need cooperation between governments, scientists, farmers and consumers, but especially the farmers will have to do the job. That is why we want to meet many farmers at the conference. To facilitate this, we offer them the opportunity to participate in the conference for one day.
The rates are:

  • Conference fee for only May 28, Conference Banquet excluded: 140 €
  • Conference fee for only May 29, Barbeque party included: 90 €
  • Conference fee for only May 30: 140 €

Here you can register if you are a farmer or an agriculture related entrepreneur or institution. 

May 31:
Post conference tours, optional

All tours start at De Lindenberg and end at Nijmegen Central Station.

  1. Two food forests and a large green chicken farm, in Overberg, close to Utrecht.
    More info here (PDF):

  2. A search for a sustainable production system, Delden and Tecklenburg (Germany).
    More info here (PDF):

  3. Experiences on a walnut-hazelnut farm and farming in the wood, Kallenkote and Appelscha.
    More info here (PDF):

 Register here for the conference.