5th EURAF congress, from 17 to 19 May 2021 in Nuoro, Sardinia

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Topics:Urban Forestry at 'Fruittuin van West' in  Amsterdam

Urban Forestry at 'Fruittuin van West' in Amsterdam

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Topics:Paving slabs OUT, green IN

Paving slabs OUT, green IN

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Topics:Arable farmer through organic to agroforestry

Arable farmer through organic to agroforestry

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Topics:Completion Food Forest Nijmegen

Completion Food Forest Nijmegen

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Topics:More about Nijmegen European Green Capital 2018

More about Nijmegen European Green Capital 2018

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Topics:Growing interest for trees and shrubs in Dutch agriculture

Growing interest for trees and shrubs in Dutch agriculture

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Topics:Lekker Landgoed, a young food forest on an old estate

Lekker Landgoed, a young food forest on an old estate

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May 28-31

Nijmegen, Green Capital 2018, The Netherlands


Statement of the EURAF Conference 2018

On May 30, 2018, 250 participants at the European Agroforestry Congress adopted a statement aimed at accelerating transitions to sustainable land use to fight against climate change.
Here you will find the statement including three comments:


Presentations during the EURAF Conference 2018

Download here the presentations during the conference:

 We have a dream,
María Rosa Mosquera Losada

 Agroforestry in the Netherlands,
Jan Willem Erisman

  Trees to feed the world, Towards ecologically intensive farming,
Pablo Tittonell

 Recent Advances in Agroforestry: Accelerating Transition from Conventional to Climate-Resilient Farming,
P. K. R. Nair

 Common Agricultural Policy and Agroforestry,
Robert Hodosi

Agroforestry as sustainable land use

‘Agroforestry should  play a bigger role in tackling climate change’. This message is conveyed by ICRAF, the World Agroforestry Centre. A growing number of people thinks to know the solution. The  question is  how to get there in the real world we are living in at this  moment.  That is why conferences are organised all over the world, at local as well as at national and international level. The EURAF 2018 Conference - the 4th - is one of them. EURAF is the European Agroforestry Federation.

Cow and calf browsing on willow trees.

The place to be is Nijmegen, The Netherlands, in 2018 the European Green Capital. Our ambition is accelerating inspiring transitions towards agroforestry as sustainable land use, including the role that agroforestry has to play in order to fight against climate change.
Here you can find travel information.

On May 28 and 30 we aim to exchange knowledge and experience, both practical and scientific. We hope to meet farmers and scientist from all over Europe so that that there will be a good balance between theory and practice. To be inspired by practice we will visit farms in the Netherlands and in Belgium on May 29. There is a possibility to visit more farms on May 31.

Hedges, walnut trees and ancient grain varieties near Nijmegen.

The solution is in the word Agroforestry, which means: the practice of deliberately integrating woody vegetation (trees or shrubs) with crops and/or livestock production systems to benefit from the resulting ecological and economic interaction. The smarter the combination between trees, shrubs en agriculture, the higher the profit, both ecological and economic. Of course we also want to learn a lot about what exactly is the problem. In relation to or ambition this leads to the following main topics:

  • Factors of success and failure in the transition into agroforestry;
  • Costs and revenues of agroforestry on the scale of the individual farm, a region and  a state; proven practice and theoretical models;
  • What do farmers and agricultural organisations think of EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 2014-2020 and how to influence the next phase of CAP;
  • Agroforestry as sustainable land use to fight against climate change.


Pigs foraging in a forest.

At the end of the EURAF 2018 Conference we want to get to a firm and clear public statement to inspire and to encourage both farmers and policymakers. During the whole conference participants will be invited to contribute to this statement.

For a summary of the programme and information about the conference venue go to page Programme.

More information about the programme, call for abstracts, registration, conference fees etc. go to EURAF 2018 Conference.
Here you can subscribe and submit your abstract, ultimately by the end of March 2018. You will also find guidelines for writing this document.

Flooding of the river Waal, January 2018. Throughout the year you can enjoy the beautiful and exciting landscape of this river and its fascinating cultural history. On the background the city of Nijmegen, the 2018 European Green Capital. Photo: Louis Dolmans.


We cordially invite you to visit our congress and to share your experiences during our workshops and  poster presentations.
For any further information or support please contact:

 Register here for the conference. 

 See also our Facebook page.


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